September is just about over and it’s time to get together to do crafts.  This will be an opportunity to work together and share ideas, it is not exclusively scrapbooking, so bring over whatever craft you’re working on and let’s make some progress!
Hilary is going to host the first scrapbooking/craft meeting at her house on Tuesday, October 2 from 9am-1pm.  Please email us for the address and directions if you need them. Please RSVP, via phone or e-mail, to Hilary so she can set up for the event.  There is no problem if you can’t make it on time, just be forewarned, that we will terminate the meeting at 1pm, no later 😉
Also, we would like some input on what times and days are the best for the majority interested. A few members said that they might be interested in evenings; Hilary is willing to host the meetings if there’s sign of interest (6:30/7-10:30/11).   

Looking forward to a crafty morning!


We had a great first meeting of the year. It was nice to get together again after a long, hot summer. Silvia provided us with very yummy Mexican dishes and there was an abundance of cakes!

We welcomed 2 new members, Tara & Karline and heard about some other new ladies who will hopefully be joining us next month.

For those of you who couldn’t make it along, here’s a recap of what was discussed and decided at the meeting:

  • Hilary volunteered to organise the Scrapbooking/Crafts Group. This group is open to anyone who would like to meet regularly to work on their scrapbooking, art or any other craft that interests them. Hilary will be emailing everyone shortly with details of the first get-together. 
  • Maryann volunteered to organise the Ladies Nights Out this year. We’ll look forward to the first outing!
  • Maryann also volunteered to organise the Trunk or Treat with the help of Letty, Sarah & one of our a new members, Trish, who couldn’t make it to the meeting. It was suggested that October 27th might be a better date for the party, since it is a Saturday. This will be confirmed once we have a venue organised.
  • Donations were received for the Ciudad de Niños and we reminded everyone to please bring along anything you can spare that the kids might need, including toiletries, rice, beans. lard, flour and pasta.

The next meeting will be held at Letty’s place on Thursday 11th October. We will email you with an address and directions, or you can email Alex on the esiahermosillo email address to find out all the details.

The next event is Cooking Class at Hilary’s on Thursday 4th October at 10.00am.

Looking forward to seeing you all then or at the next meeting.